Request/Project Tracking & Team Collaboration tool

Project Details

Client: Quatrove

Database: MySQL

Languages: Java, JavaScript, PHP

Website: www.quatrove.com


Quatrove is a SaaS application created to virtually manage teams and simultaneously capture work, knowledge and information often lost. It creates a secure, private virtual work environment with features and functionality that increase efficiency, reduce costs and maintain profitability.

Application Details

Quatrove’s unique combination of features and functionality include request/project tracking, collaboration, time tracking, resource management and knowledge/intelligence capture.

Quatrove’s user interface facilitates collaboration where users can see what others are working on, who has expertise and where to go for help. In addition, administrators have the ability to analyze the data captured by Quatrove and report to their superiors what their team does for who and why, what they need to get the job done and if any change is needed.

Quatrove is easy to implement and use because it fits into the way people work and captures data for strategic planning and decision making.