Citizen Relationship Management System

Project Details

Client: AgileCity

Database: Microsoft SQL Server

Languages: .NET, JavaScript

Website: www.agile.city


AgileCity is a citizen relationship management system to help cities quickly and accurately respond to citizen requests. We believe cities that empower citizens through decision making create communities that build efficient, citizen-centric solutions to the needs of the community.

Application Details

The application consists of modules that can be activated or deactivated on demand by city administrators. As a cloud-based service or dedicated servers, AgileCity is designed to tailor it services to the size and needs of the city.

AgileCity optimizes the efficiency of a community through a powerful yet intuitive interface where city managers obtain actionable insights from citizens and then efficiently allocate resources to reduce overall costs of maintenance and management.

AgileCity is powered by geolocation, which ensures an intuitive interface to accurately locate an issue. This enables system administrators to easily monitor, manage, and coordinate requests from citizens. As a geolocation-based platform, citizens are empowered to take action by reporting an issue, create petitions, and respond to surveys and more anytime, anywhere.